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Jordan is literally one of the coolest girls I’ve ever met. She is so pretty, but doesn’t completely know it. I know Jordan to be quirky and original and I knew she would be perfect in front of my camera. She loves to skate, loves music and has a laugh that you won’t soon forget. I think she said it best, so here’s a little more about Jordan in her own words.

What are a few words you would use to describe your high school experience?

  • Forgiving- sometimes friendships don’t work out the way you want them to, but wasting your time disliking someone is pointless. Forgive everyone and move on. Also forgive yourself; if you make irrational decisions, it’s okay it gives you a fun story to tell.
  • Laughable- always laugh, even when things suck.
  • Abrupt- crazy things happen and they happen fast; expect the unexpected

Seriously wise words, and this perspective will stay with you and carry through a lot of your life Jordan!

Here is one of Jordan’s favorite quotes,

“Most importantly love

Like it’s the only thing you know how

At the end of the day all this

Means nothing

This page

Where you’re sitting

Your degree

Your job

The money

Nothing even matters

Except love and human connection

Who you loved

And how deeply you loved them

How you touched the people around you

And how much you gave them” -Rupi Kaur

Can’t wait to see where your great big heart takes you Jordan- CONGRATULATIONS Desert Vista High School Class of 2017!


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Vincent is about to graduate! He’s a senior at Mountain Ridge High School and he has so much more to him that his charming smile and all American good looks. He is interesting, and different, and completely comfortable in his own skin. I got to meet his whole family and it was so cool to see the connection between them all. You could tell that they were tight and they supported one another. His mom told me that Vincent had been the quarterback of the football team, and that he decided to switch it up and play badminton instead. All I could think was, wow this kid has balls! Not only is he unafraid to be completely true to himself, he wore it with confidence and a sense of assuredness that I think will take him far in life. I respect young adults that do it differently. That don’t follow the herd, that carve their own path, and Vincent is definitely that guy. I remember having him sit on the bleachers and said, “ok now close your eyes and think of…” and he said, “no, I’m good.” And not in a rude way, but that he was already there, already present. And he was ready to share it during our time together. He didn’t need an exercise in being present or being authentic, because he just was. During our time together, there was only really one outfit that he really wanted to be captured in and I’m so glad we did. He got into his Shrek costume, and then climbed up the basketball hoop (with mom present!) being 100% himself, and looking on top of the world. I love sessions like this; totally unique, spontaneous and full of personality. Best wishes on your next journey Vincent, Congratulations again as you graduate from Mountain Ridge High School Class of 2017!

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My girl. Talking about my girl. Sweet, fiery, creative, wise, and the best cuddler on the planet. My girl.

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