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Heaven describes herself as happy, energetic, motivating and loving and I couldn’t agree more. She has a heads down get through anything type of attitude that is infectious. Knowing Heaven and her family, it has been a joy to photograph her as she prepares to start her new life after high school. She has big plans, playing volleyball and earning a scholarship to NAU (Northern Arizona University). Her ideal day is in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy with a chai and some popcorn. Which makes perfect sense because she loves to learn about Science and plans to go into the medical field someday. But for now she’s going to continue being a beast on the volleyball court at NAU, and I am excited to watch her graduate in the next few weeks alongside my own daughter. These past four years of high school are about to come to an end, but they haven’t always been easy. She described them as hard, active, but still fun. One of her greatest strengths is that she is a people person and can adapt well to new situations. Her four year journey led her from Mountain Pointe to Hamilton Chandler and back to finish at Mountain Pointe, all along with a smile on her face. She credits God and her family for keeping her motivated, with her dad’s quote being one of her favorites, “Expect great because you are!”. With that kind of support and a strong faith, I have no doubt Heaven is going to continue to do great things! Congratulations Heaven, Mountain Pointe High School Class of 2017!

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